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About Majority World »

Majority World is a new global initiative founded through the collaboration between The Drik Picture Library of Bangladesh and kijijiVision in the UK to champion the cause of indigenous photographers from the developing world and the global South – the Majority World.

The aims of our organisation are to:

* provide a platform for indigenous photographers, photographic agencies and image    collections from the Majority World to gain fair access to global image markets.

* make it easier for image buyers and those commissioning photographers worldwide    to find the wealth of fresh imagery and photographic talent emerging from the    Majority World.

"Upward of 90% of the images of the Majority World that are seen in the Northern media are produced by 'Northern' photographers, resulting in a one dimensional view driven by an often negative news agenda or the need to raise aid."

– David Clark, Senior Lecturer in Photography, Bolton Institute

"We are in the business of righting inequalities in the global media market – enabling the Majority World to speak with the weight due to voices which communicate on behalf of the vast majority of the planetary population."

– David Larsen, Director of Africa Media Online

"Very few published images of the South are taken by local photographers. They are invisible and don't get a fair deal. This is what kijijiVision is campaigning to change."

– Colin Hastings, Founder and Director of kijijiVision

Join us to support the Majority World network and contribute to making things better. Whether you are an indigenous photographer, image buyer, distributor or other interested party: contact us

"Peoples of the Majority World – telling their own story!"



This project has been supported by UNESCO and carried out under its Artists in Development Programme funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This site was designed & developed by the AIS (Absolute Information Systems) They had the task of developing a fully functional online image management tool for Majority World in the span of twelve weeks. The project involved various responsibilities such as finding server space, suggesting domain names, creating graphics, client training, focus group testing and writing a fully validated php code. The team consisted of the following members:

M. K Chowdhury Apu - Project Leader & Chief Programmer (Software Development)
Md. Shajalal - Co-ordinator (Software Development)

by  Shahidul Alam

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