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Shoeb Faruquee was born in 1960 in Potiya, Chittagong. Graduating in science from Chittagong College in 1982, he started professional photography in 1990. The founder and director of Chittagong’s Photoart Institute and Photobank Gallery, he was also the former general secretary of the Chattagram Photographic Society (2002-2006) and a member of jury for several photography competitions including the “2nd CPS International Photo Contest 2003”

He worked at the Daily Eshen as a staff photographer till 1993, and his news photograpy has since been widely published in Bangladesh’s national daily newspapers and magazines. His stock images has also been used in well known publications both locally and in the U.K. and the U.A.E. The recipient of 56 international and 31 national photography awards, Faruquee also made a presentation on shipbreaking yards in Chittagong during the World Press Photo awards at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


• 2007. Al-Thani Gold Medal, Al-Thani Award for Photography, Qatar.

• 2006 & 2007. 1st prize: Bronze Trophy, Gold medal from Federation of International Art Photography (FIAP), Gold medal from Federation of Italian Art Photography (FIAF) in ‘10th & 11th International Photographic Competition’ “Francesco Forno”     Trophy, “The Man and the Sea” 2006 & 2007 two times in a row. Italy.

• 2007. Hellas 1st International Digital Photography Competition. 1st Prize: FIAP   Gold, 1st Honor Mention (Food Section), 2nd Prize FIAP Silver (Free section).   Athens.

• 1st International Photography Competition. FIAP Bronze Medal: Religious in the   world (B&W). Turkey.

• 2006 & 2007. Algarve Photo Salon. Racal Medal. Portugal.

• 2007. Venice International Photo Contest. 1st Prize Gold Medal (Photojournalism),   3rd Prize Bronze Medal (Photo Travel), 3rd Prize Bronze Medal (Children of the   World), Honor Mention (Sports and Dynamics).

• 2007. Trierenberg Super Circuit. Gold Medal: (Theme Emotion). Austria.

• 2006. The WHO Photo and Video Contest 2006. 2nd prize (B&W), 2nd prize (digiart)   and three honorable mentions. Switzerland.

• 2006. Orhan Holding 2nd International Photography Competition. FIAP Honorable   Mention. Turkey.

• 2006. Trierenberg Super Circuit. Gold Medal:  (Theme Panorama), Gold Medal: (Theme   Fun & Humor). Austria.

• 2005. The 48th World Press Photo Contest 2005. 2nd prize on “Contemporary Issues -   Singles”. Netherlands.

• 2005. Algarve Photo Salan. PSA Gold Medal: (Photojournalism). Portugal.

• 2005. The Venice International Photo Contest. Silver Grand Prize, Gold Medal   (Photo Travel), Gold Medal (Emotion), Bronze Medal (Photo Travel), Honor Mention.   Italy.

• 2002, 2003 & 2004. The 63rd, 64th & 65th International Photographic Salon of Japan. Asahi Shimbun Award. Japan.

• 2004. 42nd Oklahoma International Salon. PSA Silver- Best Human Interest Award.   USA.

• 2002. ACCU Contest in Asia and the Pacific. Grand Prix (Nikon Prize). Japan.

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