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Din Muhammad Shibly was born in 1977 and comes from Rajshahi in Bangladesh. He completed his MSS (Mass Communication) thesis in 1999 on the impact of new communication technologies in collecting, processing and publishing information in national daily newspapers of Bangladesh.  He is currently studying for his BA in Photography at Pathsala, the South Asian Institute of Photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This continues on from the advanced diploma in photography he achieved in 2004 for which he received top of class honours. He has extensive experience as a freelance photographer and amongst other assignments, has worked for National Geographic Magazine, UNICEF and UNESCO.

A lifelong project that DM Shibly’s dreams of undertaking is conducting research and photo documentary on the entire coast line of Bangladesh (He gained experience on this with his work with the National Geographic magazine.) Other areas of interest include visual anthropology of the history of Bangladesh, documentation through photography of social changes, architectural reformation, and environmental issues and in-depth reportage on social and educational issues.
DM Shibly’s noteworthy photographic achievements:

•Numerous group photo exhibitions in Dhaka

•A solo exhibition, ‘Gunijan’ in May & June 2006

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