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Abul Kashem walked into photography with a periodical published from Norway in 1998. A fixed focused camera was his first tool to begin photography. "A childish and curious expression in people’s faces" attracted him to advance in the photographic world.

He learned photography from renowned photographer Dr. Shahidul Alam, Drik, in 1996 and now works as a freelancer. Currently, Abul is working to make a photo story on the those with “Disabilities” in Bangladesh. He holds a media fellowship with Panos and as part of this he is doing the project ‘Rickshaw in Bangladesh: A Story of Unconsciousness.’

Abul’s work as a photojournalist has been varied. For example, he has worked with UBINIG, a weekly magazine of Chinta and also worked as a photographer and filmmaker at SARPV-Bangladesh. In 2006 he spent the year in India for a professional skill sharing exchange program organized by Fredskorpset, but his main area of interest is photojournalism. Now he is working as a video editor and videographer at Drik Picture Library, Dhaka.

Drik makes him confront global issues and compels him to form a vision that will bring about changes in the lives of majority world citizens.

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