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Amio James Ascension was born in 1974 in one of the oldest Christian communities in the sub district of Kaligani, Gazipur in Bangladesh.  A father of two, he currently works as a communicator for World Vision Bangladesh.

After completing his Higher Secondary Certificate examination from Dhaka's Notre Dame College, he worked at the college's office while continuing his studies and completed his Bachelor of Commerce and Masters' degree on Management.

Though he had occasionally handled different types of camera belonging to his relatives when he was younger, he finally got the opportunity to use his own camera during different events at Notre Dame College. It opened a new avenue for Amio to think about creative photography. Looking at photos in magazines and newspapers also gave him ideas about framing and composition. When Amio joined Caritas Bangladesh as a public relations officer, photography became part of his daily work.

When he joined World Vision Bangladesh, photography took on a wider responsibility and Amio was guided in photographic fundamentals from his seniors and colleagues overseas.

After using the camera as a tool of creative works for about ten years, he decided to study photography and joined Pathshala, the South Asian Institute for Photography, and an educational wing of Drik. He completed his diploma degree from Pathshala in 2007. His assignments and critical discussions about his work at Pathshala were great opportunities for him to widen his scope on photography and making it a firm part of his life.

Recently, he won the first prize in a photo competition organised by World Vision Asia Pacific in March 2007.

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