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Shehab Uddin’s interest in nature and wildlife, especially birds and his dedication to his work on birds has won him the title of ShePakhal – the keeper of Birds. His work on birds started as a project, ‘In to the Bird's World’, aimed to increase awareness and interest among children about birds. Birds were not the only project he had in mind. Another of his milestone works is on the lives and living of the people of Jatra – the traditional open-air folk theatre/opera of Bangladesh. Radiance of Obscurity: The daily life of Jatra, as Shehab likes to address it, is expected to become a full-fledged publication in the near future.

Shehab is a Panos media fellow. He has completed the project ‘TB in Bangladesh: a Story of Unconsciousness’, as a part of the fellowship. Having worked as a successful newspaper photographer for more than eight years, Shehab took the step of giving up the security and the material comforts of a well paid job to join Drik Picture Library in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He still works there as a photographer which gives him the freedom to practice his craft in the way he believes it should be practiced. In questioning the mainstream, he is taking the further risk of alienating himself from his immediate surroundings. This organization makes him confront the global issues and compels him to form a vision that can bring about changes to lives in the majority world. Shehab is more comfortable working in areas that involve emotion and values. His work on birds is a result of his passion – a passion that inspires him to struggle to achieve the best he possibly can.

Shehab Uddin’s Noteworthy Photographic Achievements:

•His photographs have been used in reports, brochures, calendars & advertisements.

•With his expertise in Product and Model Photography, he has earned his reputation among various multinational organizations as well. His images have been exhibited in Japan, India, Nepal and Bangkok and at various locations in Bangladesh.

•Images have been published in both domestic and international publications like Time Journal of Photography, The Politiken, USA Today, CBS news, Time Online, The Guardian, Times daily, New Internationalist, & The Nepali Times.

•Shehab has won numerous awards in the field of photography and Journalism eg with WHO, ASAHI Shimbun & IIPC .

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