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Joydip Mitra was born in 1968. He completed a 3-year diploma course in photography, conducted by Chhayapath, Kolkata, in 1998. From the very beginning he had an inclination to go for travel photographs and still uses colour transparencies. He prefers to get analogue images digitized through dedicated film scanners so as to have better control on tones and color shades.

After starting photography, Joydip began to participate in national photo exhibition-cum- contests. That phase continued for about a couple of years and by that time he had about 150 images exhibited in all-India salons, with about 15 awards. Yet he was never happy with the system connected with the process of selection and elimination and his photography career really changed when he started going through the works of Steve McCurry, David Allan Harney, Michael Nicholas, Raghu Rai, William Albert Allerd and others whom he found through National Geographic magazine and Magnum Photos. Only then could I come to know what photography is all about. The idea came about of doing photo-stories, though he couldn't afford to do any as at that time there was nobody who could suggest an avenue through which he could get his stories noticed.
Things took another turn as he joined, late in 2002, Jara Parijaee, a Bengali bi-monthly on travel, run by a group of friends who dedicated themselves towards coming out with a publication with quality images and reproductions. Joydip was included in the editorial board and was asked to go for whatever stories he would like to shoot. Now armed with freedom though not with money (editorial board members canít yet be paid) Joydip has now shot more than 30 places or events for Jara Parijee. 

Joydip Mitraís Noteworthy Photographic Achievements:

- He regularly contributes to Jara Parijaee.

- He regularly contributes to Jetwings (Jet Airways' on-board magazine) and India Today Travel Plus.

- He has had his images published also in Better Photography, Times Journal of Photography & Auto India.

- In 2004 he won the Commonwealth Press Union's award.

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