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Amirul Rajiv is a Bangladeshi photographer and writer and theatre activist with a special interest in human rights issues and minority culture. He completed his graduation in photography from Pathshala, The South Asian Institute of Photography. Currently he is working in Daily Star-the largest English daily of Bangladesh as a staff Photographer and Photo Editor (Forum).

His major photography works include Unwanted and Forgotten: Refuges at Bihari camps, Train of the People: local trains, Life Arrested by Wall: the anti-eco park movement in Madhupur Sal forest by Mandis, an ethnic minority in Bangladesh, Achin Pakhi Infinity: Lives of Lalon devotees.

His works have been published widely in local and international publication like The Daily Star, Daily New Nation, Dagbladet, Nytid, Himal Southasian, Dainik Shamokal, Forum and Dainik Jai Jai Din.

Rajivís recent projects on the effect of global warming in the coastal area of Bangladesh and Violence against Women (1971-2007) focus on the lives of people on the fringes of society from a social, political and environmental perspective.

Rajiv is also a member of Prachyanat, a leading theatre troupe in Bangladesh.

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