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Amin is one of the youngest photographers of Drik. He is from the ‘old city’ of Dhaka, worlds apart from the ‘new and glittering’ capital city, but without which Dhaka would lose much of its charm.

Amin’s visual imagination is caught somewhere within the dingy lanes and narrow court-yards shared by ‘joint-families’ and a way of life that is unimaginable without countless relatives who turn each meal into a feast. It is a world full of colours and music that has remained unchanged for the last sixty years.
He grew up in a world of sepia and black & white photography; for Amin a photographer was either retouching prints from behind high power lenses in a dimly lit room or a man in a black hoods with a large ‘box cameras’. His training at Pathshala, The South Asian Institute of Photography, meant deviating from a safe line of family business, yet the call to photography was too powerful. His preoccupation with immigrants living in Dhaka in search of a living is in many ways similar to his movement into the unknown visual terrains that Drik has been making the photographers face. The exposure to new, exciting ideas and to the likes of renowned photographers such as Shahidul Alam helped Amin to push back his previous creative boundaries and experiment with people, forms, colours and textures.
Amin is based largely in Kolkata but takes assignments in other parts of India and has indeed photographed people from all over the subcontinent. The notion of ‘movement’ remains a core element of his photography; not only away from an old style of living but also that which represents different stages and locations of life.

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