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Mohammad Shafi, ( 1934 – 1990) was born on August 10, 1934 in a Muslim family in the district of Jessore in Bangladesh.

The sincerity and devotion of his role as a freedom fighter and war time photographer at the same time proves his patriotism, dearer than life. His rare collection, with the desire to convey the memories of the Liberation War, to the new generation through images, would create awakening and conscience from generation to generation. He marked his courage by photographing rare images of the resistance and the horrors of war at different parts of Jessore, during the pre Liberation War, throughout the Liberation War and the post Liberation War. He played a significant role in establishing Liberation War museums by Bangladesh Army such as ‘Gourangan’ in Jessore cantonment; ‘Sasoto Bangla’ in Rangpur cantonment, ‘Bhashssor Chetona’ in Mymensingh cantonment.  

Mohammad Shafi’s noteworthy photographic achievements:
• His photography exhibitions have been held in Dhaka and Jessore in 1974, 1979, 1980, 1987, 1991 and lastly in 1992.

• In 1990, Mohammad Shafi published a calendar with some of his remarkable photos.

• He received acknowledgement of great achievement as a veteran photo journalist in the Dictionary of Journalism, published by Bangladesh Press Institute.

• He is the founder of Studio Photo Focus.

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