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Ayush Ranka from Bangalore, India, began photography at a very young age. Ayush is always looking out frames that will touch the hearts of their viewer and calls them to positive action.

Ayush believes that in a true democracy everybody has a right to a life with dignity regardless of their background. These motivations are a conduit for the exploration about life that comes easy to some and is almost impossibly arduous for others. He believes that any form of art has a very important role to play in fostering a sense of understanding between people in a very direct and unadulterated manner. And photography to him, is the most immediate.

Urbanization, human rights, and art and culture are topics he likes to work with. His interests lie deeply rooted in the socio-political-economic trends of modern India, addressing concerns that have led to the disparity between urban and rural India through his photographic essays.

He was selected as one of the top ten short-listed photographers of the Redux Scholarship for the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, Manali, India, 2009. He has also been published internationally.

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