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Based in Asia, Zhuang Wubin hopes to document the majority world, which includes developing nations and "third-world countries", away from hysteria and stereotypes. Wubin is also one of the few Asian writers specializing in Asian photography and cinema.
As a photographer, he is drawn to social issues and the nuances of daily life.

Zhuang Wubin’s Noteworthy Photographic Achievements:

•His photo-essays have been published in Asian Wall Street Journal, Post magazine (HK), (Mexico/US) and Rhythms Monthly (Taiwan), amongst others.

•He has also exhibited in cities like Kolkata (Women Struggle, Women Resist, Gorky Sadan), Madrid (Malaysia, Matadero Madrid, Descubrimientos, PHotoEspaña 2006) and Dhaka (Eye on Southeast Asia, Drik Gallery, Chobi Mela III). His photo-essays are hosted on

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