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Abdul Malek Babul, 47, comes from a Muslim family in the Bangladeshi district of Laksmipur. A father of two, he presently works as a grade one photographic officer for the Bangaldeshi government.

Ever since he was a child, Abdul Malek Babul has been intrigued by the visual. Integral to his photography are early influences of the natural world and the rich material taken from village life. After graduating from college he was admitted into Armanitola Youth Welfare Centre to study shorthand and typing.

Whilst there, he was amazed to find some of the senior students experimenting with light and chemicals to form visual images on pieces of blank paper. This illusion captivated his young mind and from that moment, he bid farewell to his shorthand course and enrolled himself in a photography course in spite of strong objections from his family.

Thankfully, a very close friend of his presented him with his savings which was spent on buying his first camera, a Minolta Compact. The excitement of capturing images on film was stupendous. Over the years he has felt that photographs are not merely interpretative but a translation of mind to soul and taking photographs has been a profoundly spiritual experience.

Abdul Malek Babul has successfully undergone several advanced photographic workshops including teacher training courses under renowned teachers from Great Britain and Germany. His deep appreciation for aesthetics combined with his experience, precision and skill have led him to emerge as one of Bangladesh’s most important professional photographers over the past twenty five years.

Noteworthy Photographic Achievements:

• He achieved “Fellowship”; the highest Professional Degree in Photography.

• He was the former principal of the Bangladesh Photographic Institute (BPI) and the Vice President of the Bangladesh Photographic Society (BPS).

• Many of his fine art photographs have been exhibited across Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

• He was featured in the prestigious New Internationalist education calendar as one of the twelve leading photo artists around the world.

• USAID (United States Agency for International Development) in Bangladesh has published his work, which has had worldwide circulation.

• He has held two of exhibitions on experimental photography at the national gallery of BPS and the Alliance Francaise in Dhaka.

• The BPS awarded him the honour of ‘Photographic Personality’ for his exceptional contribution in the field of photographic development and education in Bangladesh.

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