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Azizur Rahim Peu has been working as a photojournalist since 1988 when he first joined the Daily Ittefaq, a Bengali news daily. Today he is also one of the founder directors of DrikNEWS, an international news agency of Bangladesh. Peu also teaches photography.

Born to a conventional well-to-do family in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh, Peu was expected to enter the medical profession. But the fever that ran in his blood to explore the horizons of photography could not be easily quelled. So ultimately he gave up medicine and embarked on a journey that would lead him to the corridors of the Graphic Arts College and finally to the much yearned for B.A. in Photography course at Pathshala, the South Asian Institute of Photography.

At one point Peu had been petrified that he would never be able to complete his graduation just like an eccentric old lady had predicted in his childhood. Peu had been cursed by this old lady (who used to sponge on his mother’s meager savings on various pretexts) that he would never graduate for playing truant on her. When his mother heard of this she was distraught and he terrified. However, in 2001 this curse was uplifted when he graduated in Photography from Pathshala. But by then he had already become a established photojournalist covering exclusives like flood ’88, the ’91 cyclone that hit the coastal regions of Chittagong and the shattering agony of losing a colleague under the wheels of a train― a fate which could have been his as well. He also experienced a tear gas attack at night, the pain of which was replaced the next morning by the infinite ecstasy on seeing his name in print beside the hard earned photograph.

A self-effacing individual, he rather feels his subjects or images than evaluates them for commercial purposes. So great is his affinity with his subjects that he can smell their emotions and feel the throb of their very existence. Peu believes that, “A photojournalist is always a fighter who has to constantly face conflicts. And these conflicts do not occur only externally but also internally. However, this internal conflict can be overcome through intense desire to reach one’s goal, hard work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice.”

Peu believes that photographs are not only a visual medium― they are also a projection of one’s life’s philosophy. “Most languages of the world are meant to be heard but the language of photographs is meant to be seen and understood. It is a wordless visual language through which its creator establishes a connection with others.”

Azizur Rahim Peu’s Noteworthy Photographic Adhivements:

- Peu is the author of ‘Chobi Alor Bhasha’, a book on Photojournalism and also a book on “Street Children”.


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