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Village Doctor
Shaikh Mohir Uddin

The villages of Koyra upazila (sub district) under the southern district of Khulna look like any other rural area in Bangladesh. But being surround ...

Tiger Widow
Naymuzzaman Prince

The Sundarbans, pride of Bangladesh, home of the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger, rarely seen, hidden in the jungles.

But now as the tiger ...

Rwandan Genocide
Naymuzzaman Prince

“My name is Virginy, my husband was a Hutu. He was murdered because he married me, a Tutsi girl. I got brutally raped by the Hutu militia while m ...

Evolution in Revolutionary Cuba
Naymuzzaman Prince

Cuba - home of the living icon Fidél. The revolution ended 50 years ago, but in many places of the archipelago, time seems to have stood still sin ...

Behind The Darkness
Farzana Hossen

In Bangladesh blindness is a social problem. It is very difficult for the visually impaired to struggle against the odds of daily life and survive. ...

Kaibartas: Born to fishing
Md. Akhlas Uddin

From time immemorial, fishermen in rural Bangladesh have been living a community life in neighbourhoods or villages around the water bodies, creati ...

End The War
Rohit Jain

“If I regain peace in my country, I regain everything”, says a refugee. The years of fighting between rival ethnic warlords for power forced mi ...

Criminalising Poverty
Ayush Ranka

A “Beggars Home” in India is a place where impoverished people on the streets of metropolitan cities are put into by the State authorities. Peo ...

Cerebral Palsy
Ayush Ranka

Cerebral palsy is a condition caused by damage to the brain, occurring before, during or shortly after birth. "Cerebral" refers to brain and "palsy ...

Bangalore Metro Rail - No Small Business
Ayush Ranka

Bangalore, like every other metropolis in the country, is bursting at the seams. The population is projected to touch 10 million by the year 2012. ...

Tears on Highways
Noor Alam

Every morning as I go through the pages of the newspaper with a cup of tea, I find bold headlines – “Bus-truck collision in Tangail, 7 dead 20 ...

People of Nowhere
Rohit Jain

“ With the slightest promise of good governance and protection, the natural pull to return home is overwhelming within us” says a refugee. The de ...
The Jaffna Home – Sri Lanka
Dominic Sansoni

Jaffna, that beautiful peninsula surrounded by lagoons islands and wide vistas, where (nearly) every landscape is a panorama.

I have known ...

The Story of Love
Nilanjan Das

The rapid expanse of urbanization across the globe is forcing mankind to distance itself from nature. The world now appears to be more suitable for ...

Colour of the Deity – Kamakhya Temple, Assam
Smita Barooah

The Kamakhya Temple is one of the holiest shrines of Assam and venerated as a Shakti Peeths (seat of the female divine) in India. The existing temp ...

Mining to extinction: The endangered Hajong and Garo of Bangladesh
Saikat Mojumder

As the evening light flecks the hill side of Bijoypur Birisiri golden, Shamol sits on his haunches and ponders about his ravaged land. His eyes ar ...

Living with unexpected reality
K. M. Asad

Haunted by a perceptible fear of the Royal Bengal tiger, a group of seven to nine men walk silently, maneuvering deftly through the dense forest an ...

Life: Born in a Slum
Saikat Mojumder

Sajila from Korail slum in Dhaka city has her husband, mother-in-law and three children (two daughters and a son) in the family. As her husband can ...

Harijan: The Son of God
Wahid Adnan

They pick up the garbage, sweep the streets, clean the gutters, load and unload the garbage trucks. They are achuta, or the untouchable; members of ...

Natures Fury
Shahidul Alam

It was many years ago that I met that woman in Sandwip. It was after the cyclone in Bangladesh in 1991. Our helicopter had landed in the damaged a ...

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