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Shahidul Alam

Whispering Spaces

A small time mugger caught red-handed. It didn’t seem a big deal. As the police dragged away the young man, he implore ...

Exiled Kuomintang Returning to Motherland
Patcharin Toraktrakul

Wars caused numerous people to be dispersed from their family and motherland. Same thing happened during the Chinese Civil War between Mao Zedong’s ...

Exiled Kuomintang in Thailand
Patcharin Toraktrakul

We often see images of so ...

Humanitarian to a Nation
Shahidul Alam

For more than half a century, Abdul Sattar Edhi, now 76 years old, has been living proof that a determined individual can mobilize others to allevi ...

Masterpieces to Go: The Trucks of Pakistan
Shahidul Alam

truck decoration, other regions have evolved their own signature idioms. In Peshawar, trucks sport far more calligraphy than illustration. In Rawalpin ...
Purna Kumbh Mela
Suchit Nanda

The Purna Kumbh Mela takes place once every twelve years at one of four different locations along the banks of the river Ganga, and is one of the b ...

Mental Hospital, Pabna
Shahidul Alam

The mental hospital at Hemayetpur Pabna, stands lonely and derelict in the outskirts of a small town in Bangladesh. Though the hospital is well kno ...

Requiem For Freedom
Masud Alam Liton

For human beings, freedom is always a relative term. We all are free to think as we please, but do we have the freedom to always express what we th ...

Rest in Peace
Chandan Robert Rebeiro

“Remember, you are dust, And to dust you will return.”

-Genesis 3:19

Once I came to the Church to attend my cousin’s funeral, wher ...

Grey Reality
Saikat Ranjan Bhadra

I worked in an area where many tanneries are located and considered to be one of the most polluted areas in Bangladesh. When I went there for the f ...

Celestial Devotion
Jashim Salam

It takes 15 months to four years to become a Hafiz (one who memorises the holy Quran) according to the merit of a student, says a mentor at ...

A Tale of an Unhindered People
Saikat Ranjan Bhadra

The snake – whenever we think about it, a shiver runs down our spine. But there is a community who live their lives around snakes and we know them ...

Burning Iron, Burning Life
K. M. Asad

In the intense heat of the steel re-rolling mills there are men who risk there lives to earn a living. Iron is forged in 1200 to 1300 degree Celsi ...

Ballads of the Agonised Souls
Noor Alam

“When I brought Shabjal from Manikganj to Dhaka for treatment, he didn’t want to let go of my hands, because he was scared of getting lost. My sweethe ...
Changing Their Destiny
Shahidul Alam

They all have numbers. Jeans tucked into their high-ankled sneakers. They strut through the airport lounge, moving en masse. We work our way up the co ...
A Traditional Treatment Centre for Mental Illness
Md. Main Uddin

“If my son had AIDS or cancer, I would not have suffered this much. He does not remember me, nor does he speak. He would be able to tell us about the ...
Living Death of India's Widow
Prasanta Biswas

In India more than 20,000 widows living in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, are shunned by their own families and the society they grew up in. As widows, ...

Veddas: verging on extinction
Shehab Uddin

In the village of Mahiyangana, a very small grou ...

Chain of Bond
Sowrav Das

The sand laborers, who work at the bank of the Turag River, in Gabtoli, Dhaka, come from different parts of Bangladesh. But their regional differences ...
CRP, a friend in fighting disability in Bangladesh
Touhidul Islam

The Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, or the CRP, began as the Rehabilitation Centre for Paralysed Patients , RCPP,  and was fou ...

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